The time has come, goodbye Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print, which never released outside of beta, will not be supported as of December 31, 2020. Google developed the Cloud Print solution for two reasons; printing from Chromebooks and allow printing from older devices. Google announced on November 21, 2019, it would be dropping support on Google Cloud Print on December 31. 2020. To help migrate away from Google Cloud Print you can visit their documentation at Migrate from Cloud Print on their support platform.

While it was a convenient way for many people to think outside of the box for printing, a lot of people are still wondering what they can do since Google Cloud Print will be discontinued. Personally, I have started to use PaperCut Mobility Print. It’s a free solution that isn’t very difficult to set up and it will give you the same functionality as Google Cloud Print. So if you are looking for a replacement, it’s one that I would recommend.

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