Type 1 diabetic and COVID-19 Positive

When I woke up on Saturday, January 2, 2021, with lower back pain and my upper legs aching I would not have suspected that I was COVID-19 positive, We were supposed to make a trip to the in-laws, but with all of the concerns of keeping everyone safe we decided not to travel outside of our house and see how things progressed.

I was able to take a hot shower, and my back felt a lot better. My day continued as any other Saturday would and my symptoms went away. When Sunday came around, I woke up with no symptoms and felt really good. However, I got an alarming Facebook Message from my brother on Sunday morning saying he was thought to be COVID-19 positive. My immediate family was quickly notified.

My concern grew for my entire family and myself. I wanted everyone to be OK and I was scared of how COVID-19 would affect them, and myself if I contracted the virus. While I was symptom-free all of Sunday and most of Monday, I notified my place of employment that my brother, mother, and father were being tested for COVID-19, and out of caution, I would stay home on Monday. My symptoms started Monday evening, a burning sensation in my nose – similar to when you get water in your nose when you go underwater.

I went to bed with a bad feeling that I would wake up the next day to find myself being tested for COVID-19. Sure enough, I woke up in the early morning hours on Tuesday and felt as I was congested – but I wasn’t! I went downstairs to do a “smell test” and I was unable to smell anything I tried. I was extremely nervous at this point and notified my wife that I was going to get tested and contact my doctors as I believe I was infected. I stayed downstairs and waited until my doctors office was open to notify them of the situation.

Overall, I was a mild case as my symptoms didn’t get any worse than losing my smell (sinus pressure/congestion feeling), taste (not all), occasional chest tightness, and getting winded going any type of real activity. The scariest part of dealing with COVID-19 is when I would lay down for bed – my mind would race with all kinds of scenarios until I would fall asleep. I wore a mask and kept good hygiene, but let my guard down once. Always practice social distancing, wear a mask, and stay home if you’re ill.

This post is dedicated to my Uncle “Mailman” Stan who passed away from COVID-19 complications on February 3, 2021.

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